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What does your monthly membership include?

Join Jillian, twice a week, as she guides you through a complete exercise class that will challenge your fitness on all levels.  Specifically designed for older adults, this membership sets out to challenge members in a variety of ways, targeting strength, fitness, balance, posture, and spinal health.

You'll begin your fitness journey by completing the Foundational Exercises and taking a Self-Assessment.  From there you're ready to begin your 8-week Standing Strong Fitness Course.  Graduates of the course will unlock 2 new exercise classes every week.  Members will also receive access to our Stronger At Home community, a place to share your progress, ask great questions, and encourage one another that Progress IS Possible!

Standing Strong Fitness Program

This program is designed to help you build strength and stamina, while also improving your overall physical health. Through this program, you will learn how to properly exercise and maintain a healthy lifestyle.